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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catnip Toys

Making organic catnip toys can be so easy and profitable too. They can make great gifts for people to give as gifts for their hard to buy for friends.If you love to sew or a crafts expert, then making catnip toys can be a breeze. First you need a good quality catnip. You can either grow your own and dry it, or buy it from a reputable health food store that has human grade organic loose catnip.A couple of ideas would be take get some orange felt or duck cloth and a sew it into a long shape like a carrot and stuff it with some fiber fill and catnip. Close the end off with some grean yarn to make a carrot top.

Another idea would be to get some brown felt fabric and make a short fat angular shape like a mouse, fill it with fiber fill and catnip, sew the large end shut. Use a sharpie pen and draw eyes and whiskers for the face. Then sew a long piece of cord for the tail. It would be okay if it frays as long as they pieces can't come lose and cause a health hazard for your kitty.To make these original organic catnip toys even more enjoyable and fun for you and your feline friend, would be to tie a long piece of yarn to a wooden dowel and pull the toy for your cat to chase. Or tie the toy to a solid object like a door handle for your cat to play with by themselves.

Think about making large quantities of these and selling them at your local crafts shows or setting up your own online business selling your cat toys through the internet.

By Karen Gall

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Are catnip flowers more potent than the leaves? Catnip plants are beautiful. They have white or lavender flowers and the leaves are grayish green. They are very easy to grow.Catnip flowers is so called because of the curious behavior of cats when they get a sniff of this feline favorite. It have as a component of potassium , iron , selenium,manganese, chromium & moderate quantity of other minerals & vitamins. It is beneficial as a medicinal tea to abate coughing, cold symptoms, upset stomach and to assist sleep.It gives excellent nutritional advantage.It is used in various botanical preparations. The plant is described as being a favorable calmative for hyperactive children & used as a curative in the treatment of tension and anxiety.As an herbal apothecary,Its distilled oil is supposed to be a very efficacious appetite stimulant, and has been used in the treatment of anorexia. Catnip contains high amount of vitamins A, C and B-complex and have magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium and some parts of sulphur.It aromatic property assist the nervous system by way of its influence upon the digestive system.It is also best known to use as a treatment for flatulence and relax the intestinal tract. In addition, it enhance circulation and in eliminating mucus from the body.

Catnip flowers bring people closer together, enhancing friendship and common bonds. it is indicated for those who feel inhibited socially or are in unfamiliar social situation. Catnip flowers soften preceived boundries, eliminating apprehension and promoting contentment. Catnip flowers well with india howthorn to encourage a sense of oneness around others.

Catnip flowers were use in a tea to alleviate insomnia colid, cold, menstrual cramps and fever. Catnip flowers are properties are basically antipasmodic. Native American brewed the flowering tops to soothe a sore throat. the generic name Napeta is from Nepeta, Italy where it was cultivated. During the middle age, women sat over the stem of catnip flower tea to take away of barrennes. Directly seeded plants are said to be of no interest to cats.


this is a relaxing tea, especially beneficial for the onset of acold and flu.
1 cup water
1 teaspoon camomile flowers
1 teaspoon lemon thyme or thyme leaves
1 teaspoon catnip leaves or blossoms (catnip flower)
boil one cup water. Remove from heet. Steep one teaspoon of each herb, fresh or dried for ten minutes. Strain, sweeten if desired, and sin one or two cup daily.