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Thursday, October 29, 2009

dont hate me cause i am beautiful

feathers adorned the whole body

I am the cat, keeps a beautiful heart
look right
feelings kill you master
master bound by politeness cat
I who in Lords
Don’t hate me cause I am beautiful

Friday, October 23, 2009

Catnip can stop the mischief cat

Catnip attraction is actually a genetic trait. Its works as an attractant for most cats over the age of six months. Catnip can cause an amazing reaction! Catnip can also neutralize your favorite cat dido. sometimes mischievous cat who just want to get attention and this makes us stress.

Some cats will scratch things out of boredom to get your attention. To keep a cat from scratching your belongings you can use a sprayer contain catnip with sprayed around the other types of posts. If your cat begins to scratch something inappropriate, squirt him with water or Feliway Spray to prevent urine marking, but seems to work very well to keep cats from scratching your belongings.

Use catnip spray and spray it over your cat face to domesticate the cat from doing naughty. It is very effective to lose focus of your cat from acting aggressors. This is important because if a cat comes violence themselves will lead to quarrels, and this causes wounds caused by fighting. So you have to prepare a safe enclosed place where the cats can stay to recover from surgery. And this resulted in your forced to sacrifice valuable time and money to to care for them.

You can make your neighborhood a happier place for people and cats with methods fill your free time cat playing with toys Catnip. This way you will sleep better quality also no longer disputed and cats stop yowling at midnight.

Monday, October 19, 2009

made from affection for a beloved cat

Catnip is usually used as a stuffing for your cat playthings, and is claimed by some to be a feline aphrodisiac even use as a beverage and a medicine. In fact, catnip will attractive to all members of the cat family including tigers and lions. This member of the mint family growing in dry roadside places and in mountainous regions up to altitudes of 5,000 feet. Many citizens use catnip as a kitchen aid and medicinal herb especially in England and France who rich of tradition and culture as a stimulating drink until the introduction of black tea. It has been used for over 2,000 years as a medicinal herb. In 1735, the Irish herbalist, K'Eogh, stated

"It provokes urination and menstruation; it expels the stillborn child; it opens obstructions of the lungs and the womb; and it is good for internal bruises and shortness of breath. Drunk with salt and honey, it expels worms from the body."

The dried leaves can be used to make a pillow that can be slipped into a pillowcase to promote sleep. Cats can smell 1 part in a billion in the air so you can sleep together with your beloved cat with both of you can sharing a pillow forever. Catnip is not harmful to your cat, they won't overdose on you. While you still sleeping on your pillow your cat wont get away from you because it will refuse any further entertainment. So you should stuffed a good quality catnip into your pillow case with 1/2oz. of only the best leaves and flowers from the catnip plant to make it extremely fragrant.

Add catnip to the pillowcase, to attract your cat to the bed and your cat wont be known as a stray cat anymore. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of time to shoping a quality pillow for your cat. What needs to be done is learn to Make a Catnip Pillow and Blanket. It is easy with only Take your pillowcase and fill it with clothes that you have worn. Then add flowers and catnip leaves to the pillowcase to produce extremely fragrant to attract the attention of your cat. You might like to consider using pennyroyal that is dried to keep fleas away. Afterthat just sew up the end of the pillowcase to dodge out the catnip. Sewing with pack to ensure that the beloved cat cannot get to the pennyroyal and chew it, as it is poisonous and never use pennyroyal oil near pets as it is extremely toxic…… safe use as safety good luck ….

Monday, October 12, 2009

the pet-passion

Catnip Bubbles produce a soft stream of bubbles that cats love to chase. Just blow the catnip infused bubbles through the wand and you cat will pounce on the bubbles as they float slowly to the ground. Non-toxic, safe for pets.

Everybody's a Critic Date: June 29, 2009


"I agree, the bubbles didn't really form. They just popped and dripped on the floor. Some came out whole, but my cats weren't paying attention to notice them. And if they did spy one, they only watched it float down. But it was still funny to see them licking the tile floor and rolling around in the catnip scent after the bubbles popped. At least they enjoyed themselves."

Catnip stuffed into a burlap bag reminiscent of a feed bag you might find in an old fashioned general store. This soft fabric pillow toy releases the enticing aroma of catnip as your cat bats it about. This toy is not suitable for children. Remove from packaging before giving to your pet. Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. Inspect product for damage and discard if any part becomes loose of detached. If toy becomes wet, some color transfer may occur. Please use caution around light colored upholstery or carpeting. Spot clean only.
this little bag Date: December 23, 2005

review :

"Has my cat Hobbes purring for more! It's just such a simple little toy, but she can roll around on it like a little catnip pillow and holds it and kicks at it. If you cat loves the herb, get this little bag, it's a fun toy for your cat!"

Cats have an instinctual desire to watch cracks and crevices, especially when they know that something is hiding just beyond their sight. The Peek-and-Play Toy Box is designed to build on your cat's instinct by partially hiding some of your cat’s favorite toys, and your cat will go crazy fishing them out! Peek-and-Play is especially great for those times when you have to leave your cat home alone, because this toy will keep your cat occupied for hours

Catnip Cigars will make your kitties purrr! Filled with only premium catnip, this 6 1/2`` x 1 1/2`` toy will drive your cat crazy!Catnip Cigar is purrfect for the curious cat. It makes a great gift for the mother and father of new kittens or to celebrate the arrival of a new cat in the family!


Move over catnip! Time to get in the kitchen and whip up that cute kitty`s new fave obsession! Gabrielle Tolliver brings you 5 cookie cutters, a recipe book, & little gift bags!


Your cats will be in absolute heaven with this corner comber that allows them to groom themselves whenever they want. It's amazing—not only does it help to eliminate fur around the house (and painful fur balls), but your cat will love it, too! Just mount it to a corner anywhere in your house, snap in the grooming combs (removable for cleaning ease), and fill the catnip compartment—you won't get a chance to count to 20 before kitty shows up for a rub. Includes adhesive-tape pads and enough catnip for a couple of refills.

This attractive cabinet serves as both a decorative litter box cover and end table, for any room of the home! This litter box cover is especially beneficial if you must keep your cat's litter box in an exposed area, such as the bathroom or living room. Constructed of pressed wood with a crisp white finish, the Kitty Bathroom litter box cabinet has a cutout in the door so your pet has easy access. Simply place the litter box inside the cabinet, and your pet may come and go as it pleases, while the unsightly litter box is hidden from sight. Also prevents loose litter from falling on the floor. Accommodates litter tray up to 17.5" W x 15" D x 3" H. Cat doorway measures 7" W x 7.5" H

Thursday, October 1, 2009

organic style to pamper your beloved cat

Fresh catnip is supposedly more attractive to cats when it is bruised & transplanting catnip bruises the leaves but 30% of the cat population does not respond at all to catnip even it is completely nontoxic to our cats. Some cats are genetically "programmed" to respond to catnip, some aren't. But don’t worry because you still can get your cat get high by personnaly touch because Cats love being petted on the top of the head, below the chin, down the back, and on the back of their neck. Stick to these sweet spots if you want your cat to high up to you. Stay away from petting their paws, tail, lower back, and stomach. Yes this is really organic style to pamper your beloved cat.