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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Animals can be given a vegetarian diet, although not a naturally vegan - cats are carnivores. By the way natural cat will not eat anything like what is often found in pet food can also. We can understand why humans decided to maintain a vegetarian diet for many reasons vegetarian diet. Diet advice to ensure life. Special diets must be provided for cats, because they require an amino acid called taurine - found in animal muscles. Synthetic taurine has been developed (and has has been used in commercial (non vegetarian) pet foods for years), and vegetarian cats should be fed as a supplement. Taurine deficiency can cause blindness and even death. Cats also require pre-formed vitamin A and arakidonat. To cure the acid, cats can search through the grass. We can see how the cats eat grass and dew bead. This is use to be a madicine its can neutralise can stomach acid in the cat. Ask your veterinarian about changing your pet food. To provide vegetables to the cat rather impossible because cat is a carnivore. So the use of the extracted cat food can teach a cat with a diet of vegetables. At the time, a decision most cat owners to go to a vegetarian diet is really more of an ethical choice rather than one based health. If you're thinking along the lines of ethics, perhaps you could consider the reasons why you force your cat to eat a diet that contrary to the nature and may place the health risks. If you decide to keep to a vegetarian diet for your cat, do regularly consult with your vet and bring him to an additional examination each year.