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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catnip Beauty Spell Lover

Catnip is a love herb, and it is good to use a pinch in sachets or incense with other love herbs (especially good when used in combination with rose petals). It's element is water and it's planet is Venus. The deity associated with Catnip is Bast (big surprise), and the magical use of the herb is love, animal contacts, happiness, and beauty. Many magic users use the dryed leaves of a Catnip plant as bookmarks for their book of shadows or personal magical books. When you give the herb to your cat, it creates a psychic bond between you. If it is grown near or around your home it attracts good luck. Use Catnip in spells to bring about more beauty to your life or your personal appearance. Catnip in a sachet with rose petals is thought to attract lovers, while the steam from catnip tea is thought to aid beauty and health.

Catnip is ruled by Venus. Its element is water and its energy is considered feminine. Catnip is attributed to the Egyptian goddess Bast/Bastet, the cat-headed goddess. If you hold catnip in your hand until it is warm, then hold anyone else's hand, they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the catnip you used in the spell in some safe place.

Glamour and Beauty Spell

The best time to perform this spell is during the Full Moon, although, you can also do it on a Friday during the Waxing Moon.

Bowl of spring water
Herbs for beauty, such as lavender and catnip
A white rose that has been separated from the stem

A ritual bath or purification ritual is recommended before performing this spell to sort‑of 'clean the slate' and allow Magick to start anew.

Cast the circle and become calm and centered. Sit or stand facing the West. Pour the spring water into the bowl and hold it up to the Western corner. Say:

I hail to the West and the forces of Water. Hear and aid me in this Magick tonight. Grant me your beauty, Shape and form this face and body and let me radiate with self‑love. With harm towards none, and for the free will of all, So mote it be.

Set afloat the rose on top of the water and stir it with your fingers three times round in a clockwise motion. Take the flower out of the water and hold it in your hands. Say:

By the powers of the West, The forces of Water, I charge this flower with love. Beauty is here; it shines with the power. Beauty is here, Contained in this flower.

Keep the flower in a box along with catnip and/or lavender to remind you of your true beauty. If a friend or loved one needs the power of love and beauty, tell them the story of the rose you have blessed and give them the rose to continue it's power. I hope you enjoyed this spell, and I hope you see the true beauty with your hearts.

Sometimes in a long relationship, it's easy to lose the 'thrill' and before you know it, bedroom activities just don’t feel the same. In order to add a little pizzazz to your lovemaking, you may want to seek out a love spell that energizes your love life with playfulness and passion. Catnip is known for its mesmerizing effect on domestic cats. When grown in the wild, the plant has the power to sedate the feline. However, when used in a love spell, you can encourage your partner to use a little of his or her imagination. In order to see results, all you need is a couple of teaspoons of catnip in its dried form. Make sure that it is chopped. Sew a piece of cloth around the catnip and hang it over your bed. This ingredient is perfect for promoting your love to become more adventurous and daring. Catnip has been around for quite some time, as it is sacred to Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess.

Catnip are used by many folks for Luck in Love Affairs. CATNIP is called a Woman's Love Herb because it is said to make women enticing and charming to thus to make men ready and increase their nature -- and for this reason, we hear that women use it to aid in bringing about relations. Some of our customers tell us that if you carry CATNIP in a flannel bag, the man you want will be attracted to you like a Cat to CATNIP. They also say that you can use it in an herbal bath, sprinkle it at the 4 corners of the bed, or burn it with incense to attract a new lover. Another way we have heard to employ it is to soak CATNIP LEAVES in whiskey and sprinkle the liquid on your doorstep for 21 days, starting on the full moon. We make no claims for CATNIP LEAVES, and sell as a genuine Curio only.