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Friday, October 23, 2009

Catnip can stop the mischief cat

Catnip attraction is actually a genetic trait. Its works as an attractant for most cats over the age of six months. Catnip can cause an amazing reaction! Catnip can also neutralize your favorite cat dido. sometimes mischievous cat who just want to get attention and this makes us stress.

Some cats will scratch things out of boredom to get your attention. To keep a cat from scratching your belongings you can use a sprayer contain catnip with sprayed around the other types of posts. If your cat begins to scratch something inappropriate, squirt him with water or Feliway Spray to prevent urine marking, but seems to work very well to keep cats from scratching your belongings.

Use catnip spray and spray it over your cat face to domesticate the cat from doing naughty. It is very effective to lose focus of your cat from acting aggressors. This is important because if a cat comes violence themselves will lead to quarrels, and this causes wounds caused by fighting. So you have to prepare a safe enclosed place where the cats can stay to recover from surgery. And this resulted in your forced to sacrifice valuable time and money to to care for them.

You can make your neighborhood a happier place for people and cats with methods fill your free time cat playing with toys Catnip. This way you will sleep better quality also no longer disputed and cats stop yowling at midnight.

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